Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life #1


This month has been quite interesting so far. Camming has been ok, but I have been distracted by my recent travels. I had the opportunity to be apart of the Cam Girlz documentary that will be coming out next year. Chaturbate flew me and two other models out to LA for three days to shoot the documentary. No, shooting did not take place all three days, only one. Sightseeing and eating at delicious places was apart of the deal also. Not to mention we stayed at quite an amazing house in the hollywood hills.

Los Angeles.

This was my first time going to LA, and I may come back one day. For one, the weather was a little chilly for it to be June. LAX airport is definitely one of the worst ever. Like who seriously puts the international and domestic terminals together? It's a complete shit show that way. And not to mention the bathrooms remind me of a gritty New York subway.

LA is basically the lovechild of New York and Miami in my opinion. Obviously, with the buildings and shopping reminding me of New York and the scenery and breezy weather more Miami-like (more Ocean Drive than inner Miami.) The little shops and boutiques are all very unique and cute. We came to this one shop that had the most amazing dresses, all of them reminded me of outfits in a Katy Perry music video.

We also took the TMZ Hollywood Tour which was a very entertaining experience. This guy (who looked like a former fling of mine) took us around Hollywood on the TMZ tour bus pointing out all the sites where celebrities pretty much have embarrassed themselves. Oh, and supposedly everybody has to pay some outrageous price for something in LA. Can you believe that there are actually stores that charge your BEFORE you can actually shop in them? Crazy.

Shooting the documentary was awesome. I am not new to people live watching me be nude. It's actually kind of comforting in a weird way. The crew was awesome with all their nice equipment. I truly believe this is going to be a great film that shows beautiful cam girls doing their thing.

The absolute best part was the amazing restaurants I got to try while out there. I have been dying to go to STK for a while and finally got the chance. It was everything I dreamed and more! I plan to go again soon as I have one where I live. For my next post I will write about my experience at Bonnaroo! <3