Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 Ways To Make Me Happy Right Now

Goddess Rosie

  1. Make a twitter. Retweet and promote my twitter account (@badgoddessrosie). Send me tweets of praise and worship daily.
  2. Send ten fetish forums you think I should be active in to my email (
  3. Create a suitable banner for me to use on my clip sites. Make it flashy! Email me at
  4. Make a video of you dancing to entertain and make me laugh. Send to my email.
  5. Face palm yourself 50 times. Say "Goddess Rosie" every time you hit yourself.
  6. Send me a gift from my wish-list and write a sweet note with it.
  7. Write me a worship email (and include a tribute.)
  8. Create a worship Tumblr page. Promote my different sites and me!
  9. Give me 10 OTHER ways to make me happy! Then do them.
  10. Give me 10 ways men are inferior to women. Send to my email.

You should ALWAYS be looking for ways to make me happy. Do not let your masculine EGO get in the way of your TRUE CALLING in life. SERVING me, GODDESS ROSIE, and reclaiming your place below ALL WOMEN. Strip yourself of the TOXIC LIES you have been told all your life. MEN ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO WOMEN. That is why you are here now...
Drooling over my pictures and clips...
Obsessively worshipping my ass in the shadows...
Creeping my every social media site...
Fantasizing about me dominating you...
Wishing you had the balls to take that next step...
Feeling and being a complete loser in the process...

YOU ARE WEAKKKKKKKK. It's just that ONE little part of your EGO hanging on. Preventing you from being the GROVELING BITCH that you are. 



You know what you are. I know what you are.
It's time for you to stop
being fake
you know

Goddess Rosie Reed