Friday, November 20, 2015

Ass Worship 101

Everyone has one. Some nicer than others. Mine, for example, is a very very nice ASS. My ASS has done many positive things for me. I use it against weak sniveling men all the time. Hell, I use it against so called "alpha males" as well. No man on this earth can resist a nice round, plump juicy ass. Not one.

Ass worship is one of my favorite fetishes. Why? Because I have been blessed with a darn nice ASS. Naturally I would be very enthused at the fact that many would just love to be in its presence. Not only that, some would pay quite a pretty penny just to do that in real life.

But, let's put that thought on the back burner for now. Let's pretend that you have no idea how to worship an ass nor have you ever heard of such a thing. Lucky for you, I can say I am an expert on the subject. The first step to ass worship is actually finding an ass you would like to worship. There are so many types of asses out there! You have to find the one that appeals to you, such as:

A flat ass- no obvious curvature nor round cheek structure, access to the asshole is pretty instant, ass slapping enjoyment may be hindered by bone, ass line and thigh seem to be one straight shot

A toned ass- aka "gym booty", countless squats and pilate type movements have made this booty, usually less jiggly as this butt has more developed muscles, this is what a flat ass can be, super cute booty

A "badonkadonk"- more than a handful of ass, ass that makes you look two, three, four, five times each time it walks by, ass that is usually naturally had and molded in the gym as opposed to made, swallows up thongs and your face

A "grand messiah" ass- so you're the guy who wants to die under ass, huh? Ass so big all you can do is lay down and take it. Ass goes on forever. You can't tell where ass begins or stops.

There are so many ways to worship ass! You can be creative as you want, but just make sure the main focus is always the ass. The ass is the reason for your erection. The ass is the reason you woke up today. The ass is the reason you work. The ass is your source of pleasure. Everything is for the ass. Not only that, the owner of said ass is just as important!

Pray to the ass
Kiss the ass
Tribute the ass
Lick the ass
Smell the ass
Be smothered by the ass
Jerk to the ass
Chant to the ass
Grab the ass
Rub your face against the ass
Cum for the ass
Thank the ass

Anytime you are in the presence of the ass you worship, make sure you are in "worship position":

That's right bitch, on your knees like a good boy. If the owner of said ass wants you to go lower, you must!