Monday, October 20, 2014

Corporal Punishment: My joy of spanking


Of all the multi-faceted aspects of BDSM, the one that peaks my interest the most is corporal punishment. Within corporal punishment, I have specifically been interested in spanking (slapping has been more recent and not necessarily part of corporal punishment.)

From a receiving end, spanking is a more pleasurable experience for me. I do not seek it as a form of harsh play. I came upon the joy of spanking unintentionally. One of my lovers was (and still is) extremely obsessed with my ass. I would say it was his favorite physical part of me. He would often give me massages on my bottom that I enjoyed tremendously. But, this one particular evening he started lightly spanking my bottom instead.

Now, I have to stop here with this little caveat. Before that moment, spanking was not looked upon positively in my life. As a child, spanking was a go-to form of punishment for adults in my life that looked after me. Namely, my parents used it and I was often in the audience when my siblings got their fair share. Although I was not spanked often (I could count the times in my life I was spanked), it still did not register as something positive or pleasurable.

So, back to the story. At that moment I noticed something very awesome about my ass and spanking. There is a certain point of impact on my ass that once hit shoots up a surge of pleasure up my spine and to my head. Varying amount of pressure via spanking send me into a state of bliss. It was very weird the first time I noticed this. Actually, as he kept doing this over and over again it put me to sleep. The repetition of his hand against my bum relaxed me so much it put me to sleep. Similar to rocking a baby to slumber.

From the receiving end, I prefer the strike of a hand over an object. As the person administrating spanking, I prefer to use a crop or a cane. Paddles are wonderful as well, but I like the image a crop or cane promotes. When I think of the words "corporal punishment" I automatically think of a crop or cane. Currently I own a crop. I am in the works of getting a proper cane made from scratch (hopefully!)

The Joy Of Spanking

It was only a matter of time before I discovered female domination/supremacy. I always regard myself as a natural dominant. The joy and sexual satisfaction/release I get from dominating men is simply the best. I do not, however, consider myself to be a dungeon domina. Working in that type of atmosphere does not appeal to me.

I prefer more intimate and relaxed settings. I want the focus to be on me totally. I like things to be simple. The mental aspect of BDSM is extremely important to me, and I believe that spanking is the perfect accompaniment.

More recently, I have picked up submissive that tickles my fancy. He is a small, german boy with the most beautiful, bright green eyes (they also change color.) You should see the way those eyes light up and dilate when I take him over. I can't really accurately describe it, but its the look of pleasure, suspense and desperation that take over a submissive's face that I can't get enough of.

Spanking a submissive or slave turns me on emotionally and physically. I can never get enough of it, especially when the submissive is really into it. That boy in particular had never been spanked before. His response to it was more akin to finding pleasure in the humiliation of me spanking him rather than finding pleasure in the action of spanking.

All in all, I look forward to my future conquests in corporal punishment. I am forever thirsty for more knowledge about it, and excited to discover new kinks I enjoy.

If you have anything to say, please feel free to email me at



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goddess Update #7

Good boy for buying this clip AND following the instructions inside. Keep going! :p
The rest of you should follow suit.

If you want to have the honour of seeing me on cam you can find me in two places..

Niteflirt offers a more intimate setting (I prefer it) via Skype. Please remember to buy my Skype ID FIRST (on my cam line) on Niteflirt. I will not entertain you not following directions AKA you will be blocked.

You can still find me on camcontacts, but that site has gotten rather slow. It started out fast and promising, but I am not sure what happened in the middle there. It is, however, a great cam site to run in the background while I am editing videos.

Moving on...

I have not been particularly impressed with one of my slaves/pet lately. I guess you can say I have felt rather ignored, which is a big NO NO. I always expect any slave I have to be completely honest with me. If you are not feeling as good as you used to, let me know. The opposite just makes me question your existence in my life. Not any one of you should ever get TOO comfortable. You can always be replaced. I have no qualms about it.

On the brighter side, I recently gave the opportunity of interviewing a realtime slave. I gave him very strict instructions prior to our meeting (that took place this past thursday.) He will function primarily as a domestic and errand slave. The cutest little thing ever with the brightest green eyes. I throughly enjoyed slapping and whipping him around after. :)

He seems very eager to learn and please me. But, time will tell of course.


Other than that I am really looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Christmas being my favorite of course. I do not particularly like cold weather, but the cheer the holidays bring around is always refreshing.

Halloween is also a fun time for me as well. I have yet to decide what I want to dress up as. Maybe you all have some suggestions for me?

Also, holiday time also means... more reasons to give your GODDESS gifts! My wishlist is always ready to be shopped and cleared by you. Giving to your GODDESS is the best feeling ever after all. :)

And also do not forget you can ALWAYS tribute me on my various clip sites. Check them out below my header!


Goddess Rosie

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goddess Update #6

A lot has happened since I last wrote on my blog. Sooooo, let's get right into it, shall we?


I know, I am old fashioned.

I went to the beach for my birthday. It was so great to just relax in the water and sun. The beach is my most favorite place in the whole world. I can't get enough of the sun, crystal clear water and the warm sand. I didn't get to do all of the activities I wanted to because my stay was rather short. But, I enjoyed my time getting back in touch with my favorite type of nature. Everything was paid for me of course!
Omg, I got super drunk the first day. Ever tried walking to a far as fuck bathroom when your seeing quadruple? Yeah, not fun. Haha. And yes, that is a clown fish floaty you see in the polaroids. I couldn't help myself. I am a big kid at times.


So yeah, coming back home was a bummer as I really missed relaxing at the beach. I miss it even now, but I hope to be back soon when it gets warm again. Coming home wasn't so in vain as presents started coming in from my pet for my birthday. ;)


From an anonymous gifter!

From Daniel

I loved all the gifts. They will mainly be used as outfits for my clips. An anonymous user sent me two pairs of fishnets and a bodysuit (write your name next time!). And a former customer of mine sent xbox gift-cards for me to enjoy.

Pet, of course, sent the most because he absolutely adores his Goddess. He falls deeper and deeper for me everyday. Right now, we are in talks of his chastity. At the tender age of 23, he has decided to lock his cock away. He came to me with the idea, and after careful questioning it is going to be done soon. I am very proud and excited for him. He realizes the honour of giving me complete control. He also told me that he received a hefty raise from his job. Yes, that means more $$$$$ to spend on his GODDESS. It is mine after all, haha.


Clip selling has been going well. My ending sales were over my last month's sales, which is good. But, I did not quite hit my desired target. I have more of an idea of what my customers like and am still learning the ropes. It seems you guys are really into my SPH and CEI clips. Awesome! This month I want to delve more into Forced Bi, Financial Domination, Blackmail Fantasy and Chastity.

Speaking of Forced Bi, a clips4sale customer of mine called my Niteflirt line confessing to me his fantasies of sucking big black cock. He contacted me some time ago about it via my email, and we were able to delve more into it when he called (lasted about 45 minutes.) I enjoyed talking to him, and I am really into getting "loser white boys" (as he put it) to suck big black cock for me. It is a thrilling idea. :)

He mentioned me making more Forced Bi clips as he loved the one I made on clips4sale some time ago. After expressing that I needed to get a black dildo to use as a prop, he was happy to send over a $100.00 Amazon gift card for me to use. Good boys always act quickly. 

Some other bitches sent stuff, but they aren't worth mentioning as they were either: boring as fuck, slow, stupid or a combo of all three. If you come to me as a prospective slave, you better be eager as all hell to impress me and keep my attention. Otherwise, jump off a cliff. 

Speaking of enthusiastic slaves...

What is your husband doing while you are away? Dressing up like a little girl and prancing around in your heels, of course! I had the pleasure of being entertained all day by this new cam site I decided to join. I am strictly fetish on here, so come be my next big laugh while I take your money.

This guy was especially entertaining (I believe close to 2 hours). He got all dressed up for me and put on some lipstick and mascara. I will spare you the details of what happened after that, but let's just say I am glad I have a strong stomach. Haha.

The next guy after him was into Forced Bi and sucking on BBC. What is it with you white guys and sucking black cock? Fucking losers.  He kept me entertained while fucking himself with a black dildo as I told him how I would use him like the cum slut he is.

I took a break, and came back some hours later to be immediately taken for another 2 hours by this slave who was BIG into chastity. Literally, he talked to me about it for 2 hours. After which, the enthusiastic slave from above came back to see me. He had to watch me from his cell phone as he was in bed next to his wife supposedly. We discussed what fruit he will be putting up his ass next.

The site is called CamContacts and you can find me in the fetish category, or just search me "GoddessRosie".

As always, buy me clips, tribute and get to shopping on my wishlist!

Enjoy these pictures of my Pet in honour of his GODDESS.


Goddess Rosie


Monday, September 15, 2014

Celebrate Your Goddess!

September 17th is my special day. The day perfection was born. I will (hopefully) be releasing some special clips that day to celebrate. Buying clips that day honors your Goddess. But, you want to be a good boy and go the extra mile right? Of course!

Leave a tribute, buy a gift from my wish-list, gift cards and general e-mails of sentiment show me how good you are. You can find links up above.

I am saving the weekend for my own personal celebration at one of my favorite places ever, the beach! :)


Goddess Rosie

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Check Out These Fetish Clips

I'm Perfect. ;)

Jerk To My Ass & Feet
Contains: feet fetish, ass fetish, foot worship, ass worship

Long Legs & Shiny Heels
Contains: heel fetish, foot fetish, leg fetish, goddess worship

Goddess Worship: Red Pantyhose
Contains: pantyhose fetish, high heels fetish, goddess worship

The Song Game
Contains: orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease and denial

Can't Resist Me
Contains: goddess worship, boot fetish, red thigh high boots, fetish

Buy my clips, tribute, shop my wishlist.

And repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goddess Update #5

Your cash is in your hand, why? You should be spending it on my ass! Haha.

Alright boys, its the end of August and I have to say I have learned a lot this month. I will be using said skills to make September even more awesome. I still have not figured out what I want to do for my birthday, but I am content with that. Why? Because I have other devious things in mind.

Besides making clips, chasing around my badass kitten and just being awesome I have taken a keen interest in making Pinterest meals. If you aren't familiar with Pinterest it is like Tumblr on speed. Highly addicting for any interest you may have. Obviously, one of my big interest is making yummy food. For me, cooking has to be simple. Anything too complex turns me off. I am big on seasoning and savory flavor. Also cheese, lots of cheese. I also tend to like my food spicy.

But anyway, Pinterest touts plenty of yummy meals you can make in a short amount of time, and that are so freaking delicious. It is making me so excited right now thinking about it.

Next month I have some pretty lofty goals. I plan to open another clip store on various clip selling platforms. It will be fetish based (of course), but it will be non-femdom clips. I find fetishes so awesome, but I don't want to bombard my Femdom boys with clips about bag popping or robots, haha. My planned date for that to happen is September 22nd. I also will be working on opening an image store. Not sure on the release date for that yet.

Other than that, life is swell. But, I always want the best of the best. Each month should be an improvement from the last. What are you doing to improve for me?



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goddess Update #4

A little update on what has been going on in the life of Goddess Rosie.
I haven't taken pictures of them, but I have received so many goodies from my number 1 Daniel. He isn't a sub of mine per se, but he does not hesitate to spoil me endlessly with gifts and money. The past weeks have been amazing and filled with lots of surprises (with more to come)! Thank you so much Daniel for your most wonderful gifts and generosity.

My pet received his task list, which included me seeing him this weekend, but I have been busy. I was hoping to make clips yesterday, but got tied up with other matters. My goal is to finish a hefty amount today. My clip selling is going fantastically for my taste. I am working more on the marketing side of things also to create my little buzz. So far, my main customers seem to be very interested in my mouth (haha).

Now, when I first started this clip venture I was not interested in doing cock and ball torture. Well, I happened to film one clip last week on the subject and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I find myself coming up with more insane tasks. I guess I do have some sadism in me. But, not so much that I would actually do these acts to someone (or would I?) The thrill of cock and ball torture is something that intrigues me. No blood though, I am delicate in that sense. And just so I am not instructing someone to do COMPLETE harm to themselves, I make sure I always ask how possible a task is from one of my knowledgeable male friends.

I also have a newfound interest in caning after watching this scene from xvideos. The mistress in the scene inspired and awed me. Her demeanor was enchanting. She was was harsh, playful and perfectly sadistic without being over the top. Her facial expressions touted her authority. It was AWESOME. I am learning more about the subject, and hopefully one day I can perform my own scene. My pet has already expressed interest in being my first victim (LOL).

 I am quite happy how my life is going right now. I am doing something I am truly passionate about and always intrigued by. I just wish I would have done this all sooner! But, no need to languish on the past. I just have to keep moving forward, doing things the best I can and have tons of fun.

Oh yes, my BIRTHDAY is next month. I am still in the planning stages of everything, but it looks like I may be heading to Vegas. If not there, then New York is the second option. My friend who works for the airline company I will be flying on suggested going overseas, but honestly I do not want to be up in the air that long to only stay for 2 days. That would be insane! But then again, I feel like being a little insane for my birthday. What do you think? 



Friday, August 15, 2014

Not Another InstaDomme

Today I found myself quite curious to search for information on the financial domination fetish. Now, don't be silly, I do my research often as I do not like treading uncharted territory without some type of weaponry. It sparked from me logging into my FetLife account after a long while. I started perusing through the different groups related to financial domination as I like to see the opinions of more seasoned dommes than I (and also those playing the part.)
I find this happens often in exclusive circles. There are those that have and those that have not. Those that have not always want to imitate those that have, often with a subpar product in result. Now, do not get me wrong, EVERYONE starts as a beginner. But, some beginners learn from their mistakes, research and always strive to do better. Then there are the large percentage of beginners that fuck up everything else for the beginners that are actually trying. In result, the more seasoned players are very hesitant to share information to those beginners who are actually trying to learn properly.

Such is the case with the financial domination fetish. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there. I have to admit that I fell into a lot of it at first sight. You know, the whole "loser" and "paypig" thing. Granted those are terms embedded in the fetish. But, to those that REALLY practice financial domination they find it rather silly in my research. Frankly, I do too.

I wouldn't call myself a humiliatrix (at first). I personally find it hard to humiliate someone if I know nothing about them. I just do not see how you can properly get to the core of making someone feel like shit if you do not know their triggers. I can throw of the common humiliatrix insults that I see everyday across the board. It is the same cookie cutter shit that works for most. Yeah, I will do it if that is what you want to hear. Thanks for the cash bitch.

But then I do not see you as a real submissive, and really wouldn't ever consider you to be apart of my stable. Smoke and mirrors people. There are those that play submissive to get their dick wet and there are real, true submissives that know their place before I even came in their life. Those that really believe in female supremacy and eat that shit for breakfast every morning.
I have one dear submissive like that. I truly believe he bows down to me because he knows I am the superior being in every way. The mere fact that I was born a girl and I know I am the shit makes him weak first. Anything I ask of him he will strive to do without question. Which leads me to my next thought...

Where is the real control? Do some of these subs really serve their dommes because of her CONTROL over them or because their dick gets hard giving a pretty girl cash? Does it even really matter to some of them? I have read that financial domination produces lazy submissives and in most cases I tend to agree. It is so easy to just pay a girl to tell you your a worthless human being under the facade of tributing her. Getting your quick fix of being financially "dominated" and humiliated at the same time. Or (what really makes me laugh) these guys that want to be blackmailed with these "contracts". Blackmail fantasy is cool, but if you are really seeking someone to do that for you off the bat your a pile of shit.

TRUE financial domination is not wallet raping 24/7. The sub is allowing you to wallet rape him. You never know truly how much money he has as anyone can open a frenzy of bank accounts these days. From what I have read, true financial domination seems to entail having near or complete control of your subs finances (which in turn entrusts you with controlling a huge portion of their life.) Said sub does not spend a dime without your permission. You control their budget, spending habits and take what you want (responsibly). It is in your hands and they give up that very fragile part of them. To control a man's money is fucking close to controlling their soul. THIS is why I am so smitten with this fetish. 

One thing I know for sure is that mental domination and financial domination go hand in hand. Understanding the sub and getting in their head is vital to a long term relationship. I do not quickies, so for me its either go big or go home. I want to OWN you. The fact that I am someone's every waking thought elates me. It is a type of power I could never get enough of. It always has been, even in my more romantic relationships. Financial domination, mental domination and female supremacy have always been with me, I just never knew what to call them.

So, what I am saying is that I am not instadomme. I am not here for the get rich quick scheme. I am forever learning about this fetish and others that accompany it. To find submissives that are just as serious is the real challenge these days. But, I am hopeful that the few of them still exists. Not to say that I can't play with others that aim to entertain me. I am always up for a nice laugh.




Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goodies On My Clips4Sale

And much more!

Make sure to check out my clips4sale for daily updates. Feed your fetish.

Contains: mouth fetish, lipstick fetish, financial domination, bubblegum fetish, homewrecker, legs fetish, foot fetish, female domination, feet domination



Monday, July 28, 2014

Goddess Update #3

Rosie Smoking Fetsih - Video Dailymotion

So, the video above was originally posted on YouTube, but it seems I may have misstepped on that one. It ended up getting reported. I could blame my lack of finesse in the way I uploaded the video, but seeing as there are literally HUNDREDS of smoking fetish videos available on YouTube like mine, I do not see why I was singled out in this instance.

ANYWAY, I am not bothered by it. I will be posting more on YouTube regardless, but guess I have to watch it very closely. It could have been a number of things, who knows. The weird this is that they do not tell you exactly which code you have violated.

I just love this bathing suit! It looks so awesome on me. Don't you agree? Haha. My long lost Pet who got my this sweet number has come back to me again. I won't go into too much detail, but I am happy to see him back and doing well. Hey now, I am a Goddess who cares after all, if I CARE enough to care about you that is.

Still slowly making clips, and hope to have something decent to post soon. Via Streamate I have had this one SPH addict coming back everyday to get his rightful treatment. That guy is such a LOSER. He loves me telling him how pathetic his tiny cock is and how he will never get any GOOD pussy. I haven't been on for two days, so I wonder... haha.

If you follow my twitter you will see the most delightful gift that one of my closest supports Daniel got me! A gorgeous Bulova Watch with a white band and diamonds. Totally looks chic on, I love it so much!

Hm, let's see... Camming has been ok. I have been toying with this potential who bought my tanned leg domination video from kinkbomb. According to him he watches it damn near several times a day. This boy is weak for PUSSY. Not like he would ever get mine, haha. I shall see how this unfolds within the coming weeks.

See ya.