Monday, July 28, 2014

Goddess Update #3

Rosie Smoking Fetsih - Video Dailymotion

So, the video above was originally posted on YouTube, but it seems I may have misstepped on that one. It ended up getting reported. I could blame my lack of finesse in the way I uploaded the video, but seeing as there are literally HUNDREDS of smoking fetish videos available on YouTube like mine, I do not see why I was singled out in this instance.

ANYWAY, I am not bothered by it. I will be posting more on YouTube regardless, but guess I have to watch it very closely. It could have been a number of things, who knows. The weird this is that they do not tell you exactly which code you have violated.

I just love this bathing suit! It looks so awesome on me. Don't you agree? Haha. My long lost Pet who got my this sweet number has come back to me again. I won't go into too much detail, but I am happy to see him back and doing well. Hey now, I am a Goddess who cares after all, if I CARE enough to care about you that is.

Still slowly making clips, and hope to have something decent to post soon. Via Streamate I have had this one SPH addict coming back everyday to get his rightful treatment. That guy is such a LOSER. He loves me telling him how pathetic his tiny cock is and how he will never get any GOOD pussy. I haven't been on for two days, so I wonder... haha.

If you follow my twitter you will see the most delightful gift that one of my closest supports Daniel got me! A gorgeous Bulova Watch with a white band and diamonds. Totally looks chic on, I love it so much!

Hm, let's see... Camming has been ok. I have been toying with this potential who bought my tanned leg domination video from kinkbomb. According to him he watches it damn near several times a day. This boy is weak for PUSSY. Not like he would ever get mine, haha. I shall see how this unfolds within the coming weeks.

See ya.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Goddess Update #2


Here is a picture of me with red hair that I sported on cam yesterday. For some reason the cam was making it look more orange than red. Yes, I did get Fifth Element references all night.

Camming has been slow for the past couple of days. This prompted me to remember a post I read about a while ago about how cam days in the summer are slower. I'm not one to give up, but sometimes I get myself a little worked up and lose track of time. I have to learn the balance between when to just give up that day and do something else rather than lingering online.

In other news I did make my first video sale on Kinkbomb today! It was my "Lust For Long Tanned Legs JOI" which I loved making and hope that person found joy in watching it. Even though it was one sale, it sparked my motivation to make more clips as I haven't been on it like I said I would this month. Back to clip making for me!

Here is the GIF for that by the way. Maybe your a leg fan also? Haha, you will be after this one if your not. :)

And, as promised, here are some recent gifts from a special Pet of mine that is obsessed with me and my beautiful ASS. It also seems he has been slipping on his daily cum task and journaling. You know what that means... :)

Knife set to cut off those ugly shrimp dicks.

Nothing better than having the best food ever to eat!

Swimsuits, pink corset and red wrap top.

HD Sony Handycam! Yay!

Makeup and bubble bath (poorly packaged bubble bath!)

and a snapshot I took with the cam featuring me! :)

I always love MORE gifts. I can never have enough. And you will love spoiling me to no end. Feel the urge. It makes me happy and you love it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goddess Update #1


I got lazy on my Bonnaroo post. Honestly, for me to write all I experienced would take ages and frankly I do not want to. Hmph.
Not to say the experience was not great. It was. The only thing is that I would prefer not to do traditional tent camping next time I go. It gets far too hot. I would like to go camping in a natural forest some day to say the least.

The pictures are just because. The mint green dress is one of my favorites that I snagged from Express not too long ago. My skin looks absolutely divine against mint green. I just received the head piece in the mail. I think it looks nicely with the outfit, so it inspired me to take some photos. 

I received an awesome amount of tributes from my most loyal pet earlier in the week. I am still waiting on one more item to blog about the mini haul. I will also detail the assignment I gave him after. Let's just say sperm banks are missing out on a huge potential load from this guy this month. Haha.

I also have started various clip stores. I only have a few clips up at the moment for sale. I am fairly new to clip making, but thanks to some generous fans I have all the tools necessary to blow it out the water with time and effort. I am sure they will be enjoyed fully by many in the coming months.

Goddess Rosie