Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Announcements

For those of you wondering, you can message me on either IWantClips or Niteflirt to start PTVs (Pay To Views).

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rosie Reed: Types Of Financial Domination Slaves

Let's face it loser. The only way you have serve me online truly is via Financial Domination. You don't *have* to be strictly into financial domination, but you MUST PAY. ALL MEN MUST PAY. Get that in your head right now.

Even if you get lucky enough one day to meet me real time, I do expect some sort of tribute. Whether it be a gift or cash, you should always show your appreciation for your Ebony Goddess by giving me a nice tribute. Compliments are nice, but an action such as tributing really drives your point home. Plus, what slave doesn't want to see their Goddess grin from ear to ear? Exactly.

Read below and per chance you will find out where you fit in with this crazy ass fetish. I mean, beautiful women have been taking money from men FOREVER. Milking them and teasing them, leaving this denied and horny because the man is so entranced by her. It just has a fancy little name now.

Types Of Financial Domination Slaves

1. The Goddess/Princess Worshipper: 

I have to say this is my favorite type of financial domination slave. This loser understands that women are majestic, mysterious and divine GODDESS that walk this wondrous Earth. Without women men would be nothing. 

This loser understands that his place is by the side of a Goddess. He understands and accepts his position of being controlled by his Goddess. He welcomes her with pure reverence and respect. Nothing is above his Goddess's wishes, wants and needs. He freely gives tributes in the form of gifts, adoration and most importantly... CASH MONEY!

He knows he is not worthy of her, thus he showers her often with tributes to show his appreciation for allowing him to be apart of her world.

2. The Human ATM:

This type of financial domination slave LOVES humiliation and to be treated as chattel property. He knows his function to his Goddess/Princess is one thing and one thing only: to give her money whenever she snaps her fingers.

This type of financial domination slave shouldn't speak unless given permission to. He is the ensure he works hard to make sure his Goddess never has to go without HER money. He works for HER. His money is no longer his. He gladly will take 4 or 5 jobs if it means even more money for his Goddess/Princess.

This slave is to be kept in a constant cycle of tease and denial. The mind manipulation works wonders for this slave!

3. Wallet Raping Addict:

This type of financial domination slave gets off on having a big portion of his money being totally wiped out in an instance. He, like the Human ATM, gets off on humiliation. The fact that a Goddess/Princess takes all of his cash without any sort of remorse nor thanks gets his rocks off.

A true wallet raping addict is always looking for that bigger and better hit. Yes, he may stray and say he is done with this financial domination shit... but he can't resist the allure of what a BRATTY BITCHY PRINCESS can do to him. Even a sensual, erotic Goddess can totally wind him up until there is nothing left. Even then... he will find more to give because it's so much more humiliating.

This type of financial domination slave can really go to the extreme. Multiple sessions can happen in a matter of hours. But, he looks like puppy chow compared to the...

4. Ruin Me Bitch:

THIS LOSER IS READY TO JUMP OFF A FUCKING CLIFF FOR ALL HE CARES. This guy has long established that his life is unimportant as fuck compared to his Goddess. He would sleep on rusty nails if it meant buying his Goddess a $500,000 bed for her to lay on one day and throw away the next.

He has a DEEP need to be ruined by a dominant, beautiful, mean, heartless woman. Not necessarily all of that in all cases, but you get the idea. To really ruin a guy and not give a fuck, you have to be kind of heartless. Come on now.

I see the future for this loser... the worst credit score in all of history, collection agency calls, loss of all possessions (most you have sold), divorce, malnutrition, bankruptcy, homeless as fuck. But, remember to keep your laptop, you will still need to talk to your Goddess loser. Haha, she may even make you sell that too and find other ways to contact her! Come back when you have money bitch!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ALL the types of financial domination slaves. These are rather the most common ones I have came across. Learning the basics and outline of what Financial Domination is about is important. 

But, once you are in... the lines are not so straight and narrow. The most successful Goddesses, Princesses, Seductresses, etc. have their own style and way of doing things. Those powerful women and their slaves have relationships that have taken time to garner. 

As an aspiring financial slave, if you truly want this type of relationship, you must understand that it is NOT about just handing over cash. Anyone can do that shit. You must be willing to build a true relationship of trust, understanding and honesty. Then that's where the real fun begins!

So where do you fit in? Do you feel like you are a different type of financial slave? Let me know!

Good luck loser.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is Financial Domination Giving You Stress?

Across the vast internet, hordes of money hungry women are online constantly bugging and degrading useless men in hopes of making those men give cash in submission.

Little do they know, that in the darkest corners, lives the meekest of the meek findom slave. The useless men that are way too intimidated and stressed out to come forward looking for their perfect Pay Princess.

Is that useless man you?

I bet it is.

You are still searching.


Some of them become time wasters. But, we won't go into that. You are reading this feeling like you can't quite grasp why you have this urge. You want to pay... but you want to pay a true GODDESS.

Ah, let's cut the bullshit... you want to pay me. You knew it before you even started reading this. You are tired of the stress of finding a Pay Princess that is legit. That is truly going to use you for your hard earned cash like the loser piggy you are. That will humiliate you time, after time, after time again like the limp dick wimp you are. You crave it...

You want it...

You must have it.

But, it's not about you. 

It's about this GODDESS.


It is all about her. Your wants no longer seem to matter. You just want to please GODDESS ROSIE. You want her to have everything as your LIVING GODDESS. She doesn't have to order you to give her cash. You JUST DO. It's natural for you to PAY GODDESS ROSIE.

You want to GIVE UP your FINANCES to GODDESS ROSIE. For she is the ultimate GODDESS that is to be WORSHIPPED.

You are just another bitch that needs to PAY UP.