Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is Financial Domination Giving You Stress?

Across the vast internet, hordes of money hungry women are online constantly bugging and degrading useless men in hopes of making those men give cash in submission.

Little do they know, that in the darkest corners, lives the meekest of the meek findom slave. The useless men that are way too intimidated and stressed out to come forward looking for their perfect Pay Princess.

Is that useless man you?

I bet it is.

You are still searching.


Some of them become time wasters. But, we won't go into that. You are reading this feeling like you can't quite grasp why you have this urge. You want to pay... but you want to pay a true GODDESS.

Ah, let's cut the bullshit... you want to pay me. You knew it before you even started reading this. You are tired of the stress of finding a Pay Princess that is legit. That is truly going to use you for your hard earned cash like the loser piggy you are. That will humiliate you time, after time, after time again like the limp dick wimp you are. You crave it...

You want it...

You must have it.

But, it's not about you. 

It's about this GODDESS.


It is all about her. Your wants no longer seem to matter. You just want to please GODDESS ROSIE. You want her to have everything as your LIVING GODDESS. She doesn't have to order you to give her cash. You JUST DO. It's natural for you to PAY GODDESS ROSIE.

You want to GIVE UP your FINANCES to GODDESS ROSIE. For she is the ultimate GODDESS that is to be WORSHIPPED.

You are just another bitch that needs to PAY UP.



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