Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goddess Update #1


I got lazy on my Bonnaroo post. Honestly, for me to write all I experienced would take ages and frankly I do not want to. Hmph.
Not to say the experience was not great. It was. The only thing is that I would prefer not to do traditional tent camping next time I go. It gets far too hot. I would like to go camping in a natural forest some day to say the least.

The pictures are just because. The mint green dress is one of my favorites that I snagged from Express not too long ago. My skin looks absolutely divine against mint green. I just received the head piece in the mail. I think it looks nicely with the outfit, so it inspired me to take some photos. 

I received an awesome amount of tributes from my most loyal pet earlier in the week. I am still waiting on one more item to blog about the mini haul. I will also detail the assignment I gave him after. Let's just say sperm banks are missing out on a huge potential load from this guy this month. Haha.

I also have started various clip stores. I only have a few clips up at the moment for sale. I am fairly new to clip making, but thanks to some generous fans I have all the tools necessary to blow it out the water with time and effort. I am sure they will be enjoyed fully by many in the coming months.

Goddess Rosie

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