Thursday, June 18, 2015


"Worship My Legs"

Well, well, well look who it is? Me! I know you have missed my blog post and most importantly... ME! Haha.

The latter part of last year presented me with some great challenges that I had to overcome and understand in order to push my personal transformation to the next phase. This dealt with me learning more about myself and who I really am, what I want and what I NEED to be doing. I am still learning a lot everyday. I am noticing more synchronicities in my life. My creativity is bursting and I feel even more powerful and in control than before. 

I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts

Got treasures in my mind but couldn't open up my own vault

My childlike creativity, purity and honesty

Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts"

- Kanye West "Power"

Sooooo.... I am back to recording clips regularly. I am still going to be shooting pov style female domination, of course, but you are going to see MORE DETAILED storylines in certain fetish genres.


I am also moving out of the country soon. The plan was originally THAILAND, but I have decided to drop off in New Zealand first. This will be my first time leaving America, EVER. Certain people think I am crazy for leaving America to experience other countries and actually live in them. But, I feel this is what I need to be doing and will help me become an even better ME. 

I am excited for all the new possibilities that are in store for me. As I have learned, no choice is ever the WRONG choice. I look at everything and everyone as potential lessons. I always ask myself, "what can I learn from this situation?"

"Perfect Ebony Brat Princess"

So what does this all mean for my lowly and pathetic submissive boys? MORE HUMILIATION AND MAKING YOU WEAK BITCH. Haha. I have gotten even more devious, bratty and demanding. I deserve the best and always aim high. As you should be aiming high to impress me and KEEP my attention. This is NEVER mainly about you. I am to be your main focus, and if I feel I am not you will not be taken seriously.

Tribute, Buy My Clips, Jerk Your Dick

That is your new motto.

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Goddess Rosie

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