Monday, October 20, 2014

Corporal Punishment: My joy of spanking


Of all the multi-faceted aspects of BDSM, the one that peaks my interest the most is corporal punishment. Within corporal punishment, I have specifically been interested in spanking (slapping has been more recent and not necessarily part of corporal punishment.)

From a receiving end, spanking is a more pleasurable experience for me. I do not seek it as a form of harsh play. I came upon the joy of spanking unintentionally. One of my lovers was (and still is) extremely obsessed with my ass. I would say it was his favorite physical part of me. He would often give me massages on my bottom that I enjoyed tremendously. But, this one particular evening he started lightly spanking my bottom instead.

Now, I have to stop here with this little caveat. Before that moment, spanking was not looked upon positively in my life. As a child, spanking was a go-to form of punishment for adults in my life that looked after me. Namely, my parents used it and I was often in the audience when my siblings got their fair share. Although I was not spanked often (I could count the times in my life I was spanked), it still did not register as something positive or pleasurable.

So, back to the story. At that moment I noticed something very awesome about my ass and spanking. There is a certain point of impact on my ass that once hit shoots up a surge of pleasure up my spine and to my head. Varying amount of pressure via spanking send me into a state of bliss. It was very weird the first time I noticed this. Actually, as he kept doing this over and over again it put me to sleep. The repetition of his hand against my bum relaxed me so much it put me to sleep. Similar to rocking a baby to slumber.

From the receiving end, I prefer the strike of a hand over an object. As the person administrating spanking, I prefer to use a crop or a cane. Paddles are wonderful as well, but I like the image a crop or cane promotes. When I think of the words "corporal punishment" I automatically think of a crop or cane. Currently I own a crop. I am in the works of getting a proper cane made from scratch (hopefully!)

The Joy Of Spanking

It was only a matter of time before I discovered female domination/supremacy. I always regard myself as a natural dominant. The joy and sexual satisfaction/release I get from dominating men is simply the best. I do not, however, consider myself to be a dungeon domina. Working in that type of atmosphere does not appeal to me.

I prefer more intimate and relaxed settings. I want the focus to be on me totally. I like things to be simple. The mental aspect of BDSM is extremely important to me, and I believe that spanking is the perfect accompaniment.

More recently, I have picked up submissive that tickles my fancy. He is a small, german boy with the most beautiful, bright green eyes (they also change color.) You should see the way those eyes light up and dilate when I take him over. I can't really accurately describe it, but its the look of pleasure, suspense and desperation that take over a submissive's face that I can't get enough of.

Spanking a submissive or slave turns me on emotionally and physically. I can never get enough of it, especially when the submissive is really into it. That boy in particular had never been spanked before. His response to it was more akin to finding pleasure in the humiliation of me spanking him rather than finding pleasure in the action of spanking.

All in all, I look forward to my future conquests in corporal punishment. I am forever thirsty for more knowledge about it, and excited to discover new kinks I enjoy.

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