Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goddess Update #4

A little update on what has been going on in the life of Goddess Rosie.
I haven't taken pictures of them, but I have received so many goodies from my number 1 Daniel. He isn't a sub of mine per se, but he does not hesitate to spoil me endlessly with gifts and money. The past weeks have been amazing and filled with lots of surprises (with more to come)! Thank you so much Daniel for your most wonderful gifts and generosity.

My pet received his task list, which included me seeing him this weekend, but I have been busy. I was hoping to make clips yesterday, but got tied up with other matters. My goal is to finish a hefty amount today. My clip selling is going fantastically for my taste. I am working more on the marketing side of things also to create my little buzz. So far, my main customers seem to be very interested in my mouth (haha).

Now, when I first started this clip venture I was not interested in doing cock and ball torture. Well, I happened to film one clip last week on the subject and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I find myself coming up with more insane tasks. I guess I do have some sadism in me. But, not so much that I would actually do these acts to someone (or would I?) The thrill of cock and ball torture is something that intrigues me. No blood though, I am delicate in that sense. And just so I am not instructing someone to do COMPLETE harm to themselves, I make sure I always ask how possible a task is from one of my knowledgeable male friends.

I also have a newfound interest in caning after watching this scene from xvideos. The mistress in the scene inspired and awed me. Her demeanor was enchanting. She was was harsh, playful and perfectly sadistic without being over the top. Her facial expressions touted her authority. It was AWESOME. I am learning more about the subject, and hopefully one day I can perform my own scene. My pet has already expressed interest in being my first victim (LOL).

 I am quite happy how my life is going right now. I am doing something I am truly passionate about and always intrigued by. I just wish I would have done this all sooner! But, no need to languish on the past. I just have to keep moving forward, doing things the best I can and have tons of fun.

Oh yes, my BIRTHDAY is next month. I am still in the planning stages of everything, but it looks like I may be heading to Vegas. If not there, then New York is the second option. My friend who works for the airline company I will be flying on suggested going overseas, but honestly I do not want to be up in the air that long to only stay for 2 days. That would be insane! But then again, I feel like being a little insane for my birthday. What do you think? 



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