Friday, August 15, 2014

Not Another InstaDomme

Today I found myself quite curious to search for information on the financial domination fetish. Now, don't be silly, I do my research often as I do not like treading uncharted territory without some type of weaponry. It sparked from me logging into my FetLife account after a long while. I started perusing through the different groups related to financial domination as I like to see the opinions of more seasoned dommes than I (and also those playing the part.)
I find this happens often in exclusive circles. There are those that have and those that have not. Those that have not always want to imitate those that have, often with a subpar product in result. Now, do not get me wrong, EVERYONE starts as a beginner. But, some beginners learn from their mistakes, research and always strive to do better. Then there are the large percentage of beginners that fuck up everything else for the beginners that are actually trying. In result, the more seasoned players are very hesitant to share information to those beginners who are actually trying to learn properly.

Such is the case with the financial domination fetish. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there. I have to admit that I fell into a lot of it at first sight. You know, the whole "loser" and "paypig" thing. Granted those are terms embedded in the fetish. But, to those that REALLY practice financial domination they find it rather silly in my research. Frankly, I do too.

I wouldn't call myself a humiliatrix (at first). I personally find it hard to humiliate someone if I know nothing about them. I just do not see how you can properly get to the core of making someone feel like shit if you do not know their triggers. I can throw of the common humiliatrix insults that I see everyday across the board. It is the same cookie cutter shit that works for most. Yeah, I will do it if that is what you want to hear. Thanks for the cash bitch.

But then I do not see you as a real submissive, and really wouldn't ever consider you to be apart of my stable. Smoke and mirrors people. There are those that play submissive to get their dick wet and there are real, true submissives that know their place before I even came in their life. Those that really believe in female supremacy and eat that shit for breakfast every morning.
I have one dear submissive like that. I truly believe he bows down to me because he knows I am the superior being in every way. The mere fact that I was born a girl and I know I am the shit makes him weak first. Anything I ask of him he will strive to do without question. Which leads me to my next thought...

Where is the real control? Do some of these subs really serve their dommes because of her CONTROL over them or because their dick gets hard giving a pretty girl cash? Does it even really matter to some of them? I have read that financial domination produces lazy submissives and in most cases I tend to agree. It is so easy to just pay a girl to tell you your a worthless human being under the facade of tributing her. Getting your quick fix of being financially "dominated" and humiliated at the same time. Or (what really makes me laugh) these guys that want to be blackmailed with these "contracts". Blackmail fantasy is cool, but if you are really seeking someone to do that for you off the bat your a pile of shit.

TRUE financial domination is not wallet raping 24/7. The sub is allowing you to wallet rape him. You never know truly how much money he has as anyone can open a frenzy of bank accounts these days. From what I have read, true financial domination seems to entail having near or complete control of your subs finances (which in turn entrusts you with controlling a huge portion of their life.) Said sub does not spend a dime without your permission. You control their budget, spending habits and take what you want (responsibly). It is in your hands and they give up that very fragile part of them. To control a man's money is fucking close to controlling their soul. THIS is why I am so smitten with this fetish. 

One thing I know for sure is that mental domination and financial domination go hand in hand. Understanding the sub and getting in their head is vital to a long term relationship. I do not quickies, so for me its either go big or go home. I want to OWN you. The fact that I am someone's every waking thought elates me. It is a type of power I could never get enough of. It always has been, even in my more romantic relationships. Financial domination, mental domination and female supremacy have always been with me, I just never knew what to call them.

So, what I am saying is that I am not instadomme. I am not here for the get rich quick scheme. I am forever learning about this fetish and others that accompany it. To find submissives that are just as serious is the real challenge these days. But, I am hopeful that the few of them still exists. Not to say that I can't play with others that aim to entertain me. I am always up for a nice laugh.




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