Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goddess Update #6

A lot has happened since I last wrote on my blog. Sooooo, let's get right into it, shall we?


I know, I am old fashioned.

I went to the beach for my birthday. It was so great to just relax in the water and sun. The beach is my most favorite place in the whole world. I can't get enough of the sun, crystal clear water and the warm sand. I didn't get to do all of the activities I wanted to because my stay was rather short. But, I enjoyed my time getting back in touch with my favorite type of nature. Everything was paid for me of course!
Omg, I got super drunk the first day. Ever tried walking to a far as fuck bathroom when your seeing quadruple? Yeah, not fun. Haha. And yes, that is a clown fish floaty you see in the polaroids. I couldn't help myself. I am a big kid at times.


So yeah, coming back home was a bummer as I really missed relaxing at the beach. I miss it even now, but I hope to be back soon when it gets warm again. Coming home wasn't so in vain as presents started coming in from my pet for my birthday. ;)


From an anonymous gifter!

From Daniel

I loved all the gifts. They will mainly be used as outfits for my clips. An anonymous user sent me two pairs of fishnets and a bodysuit (write your name next time!). And a former customer of mine sent xbox gift-cards for me to enjoy.

Pet, of course, sent the most because he absolutely adores his Goddess. He falls deeper and deeper for me everyday. Right now, we are in talks of his chastity. At the tender age of 23, he has decided to lock his cock away. He came to me with the idea, and after careful questioning it is going to be done soon. I am very proud and excited for him. He realizes the honour of giving me complete control. He also told me that he received a hefty raise from his job. Yes, that means more $$$$$ to spend on his GODDESS. It is mine after all, haha.


Clip selling has been going well. My ending sales were over my last month's sales, which is good. But, I did not quite hit my desired target. I have more of an idea of what my customers like and am still learning the ropes. It seems you guys are really into my SPH and CEI clips. Awesome! This month I want to delve more into Forced Bi, Financial Domination, Blackmail Fantasy and Chastity.

Speaking of Forced Bi, a clips4sale customer of mine called my Niteflirt line confessing to me his fantasies of sucking big black cock. He contacted me some time ago about it via my email, and we were able to delve more into it when he called (lasted about 45 minutes.) I enjoyed talking to him, and I am really into getting "loser white boys" (as he put it) to suck big black cock for me. It is a thrilling idea. :)

He mentioned me making more Forced Bi clips as he loved the one I made on clips4sale some time ago. After expressing that I needed to get a black dildo to use as a prop, he was happy to send over a $100.00 Amazon gift card for me to use. Good boys always act quickly. 

Some other bitches sent stuff, but they aren't worth mentioning as they were either: boring as fuck, slow, stupid or a combo of all three. If you come to me as a prospective slave, you better be eager as all hell to impress me and keep my attention. Otherwise, jump off a cliff. 

Speaking of enthusiastic slaves...

What is your husband doing while you are away? Dressing up like a little girl and prancing around in your heels, of course! I had the pleasure of being entertained all day by this new cam site I decided to join. I am strictly fetish on here, so come be my next big laugh while I take your money.

This guy was especially entertaining (I believe close to 2 hours). He got all dressed up for me and put on some lipstick and mascara. I will spare you the details of what happened after that, but let's just say I am glad I have a strong stomach. Haha.

The next guy after him was into Forced Bi and sucking on BBC. What is it with you white guys and sucking black cock? Fucking losers.  He kept me entertained while fucking himself with a black dildo as I told him how I would use him like the cum slut he is.

I took a break, and came back some hours later to be immediately taken for another 2 hours by this slave who was BIG into chastity. Literally, he talked to me about it for 2 hours. After which, the enthusiastic slave from above came back to see me. He had to watch me from his cell phone as he was in bed next to his wife supposedly. We discussed what fruit he will be putting up his ass next.

The site is called CamContacts and you can find me in the fetish category, or just search me "GoddessRosie".

As always, buy me clips, tribute and get to shopping on my wishlist!

Enjoy these pictures of my Pet in honour of his GODDESS.


Goddess Rosie


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