Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goddess Update #7

Good boy for buying this clip AND following the instructions inside. Keep going! :p
The rest of you should follow suit.

If you want to have the honour of seeing me on cam you can find me in two places..

Niteflirt offers a more intimate setting (I prefer it) via Skype. Please remember to buy my Skype ID FIRST (on my cam line) on Niteflirt. I will not entertain you not following directions AKA you will be blocked.

You can still find me on camcontacts, but that site has gotten rather slow. It started out fast and promising, but I am not sure what happened in the middle there. It is, however, a great cam site to run in the background while I am editing videos.

Moving on...

I have not been particularly impressed with one of my slaves/pet lately. I guess you can say I have felt rather ignored, which is a big NO NO. I always expect any slave I have to be completely honest with me. If you are not feeling as good as you used to, let me know. The opposite just makes me question your existence in my life. Not any one of you should ever get TOO comfortable. You can always be replaced. I have no qualms about it.

On the brighter side, I recently gave the opportunity of interviewing a realtime slave. I gave him very strict instructions prior to our meeting (that took place this past thursday.) He will function primarily as a domestic and errand slave. The cutest little thing ever with the brightest green eyes. I throughly enjoyed slapping and whipping him around after. :)

He seems very eager to learn and please me. But, time will tell of course.


Other than that I am really looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Christmas being my favorite of course. I do not particularly like cold weather, but the cheer the holidays bring around is always refreshing.

Halloween is also a fun time for me as well. I have yet to decide what I want to dress up as. Maybe you all have some suggestions for me?

Also, holiday time also means... more reasons to give your GODDESS gifts! My wishlist is always ready to be shopped and cleared by you. Giving to your GODDESS is the best feeling ever after all. :)

And also do not forget you can ALWAYS tribute me on my various clip sites. Check them out below my header!


Goddess Rosie

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